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Myoporum montanum - Boobialla/Waterbush/Western Boobialla - 20 seeds

Myoporum montanum - Boobialla/Waterbush/Western Boobialla - 20 seeds

Gorgeous flowers on an Australian Native Shrub with the bonus of having edible bush tucker fruit!
This fast growing Australian Native shrub grows up to 4m tall x 2.3m wide and has gorgeous aromatic small white and purple spotted petals from late Winter to Summer and occur in groups of 1 - 7 in leaf axils. These are followed by ovoid to subglobose small light purple, pinkish to reddish purple berries that are 4 - 7.5mm in diameter and they are edible!
The berries are edible having a slightly bitter flavour and salty sweet notes, can be used in sweet or savoury dishes although has to be properly prepared prior to eating.
This is a hardy, woody plant with finely fissured bark and has dark green elliptic to lanceolate, rarely linear leaves, 3.5 - 14cm long x 2 - 38mm wide. 
It is adaptable to most soils, conditions and climates, tolerates sandy soil, salt, drought and is frost resistant but best grown in full sun to part shade in loamy well drained soil.
Found growing naturally on coastal dunes, river flats and salt lakes, in sclerophyll forest mallee, Bimble Box and White Cypress communites and widespread, especially in inland districts, occurring in QLD, VIC, WA, SA, NT and NSW.
This is an Indigenous Bush Tucker plant, the berries are eaten, gum was used for glue, other parts of the plant is used medicinally as a tonic, laxative, headache and rheumatism treatment.
Not only beautiful and edible, it actually attracts bees, birds and butterflies, it can also be grown in large pots if pruned regularly, great as a feature in edible gardens, as a screen, hedge or gap filler and fruits from 1 year onwards.
This listing is for 20 seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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