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Metasequoia glypstroboides - Dawn Redwood - 20 seeds

Metasequoia glypstroboides - Dawn Redwood - 20 seeds

Metasequoia glyptostroboides is commonly known as the Dawn Redwood as it is one of the "Dinosaur plants" with fossil records dating back over 20 million years ago! 
Metasequoia is a genus of one species of deciduous, monoecious, coniferous tree from valley forests of Central China and had been described from fossils by the Japanese but was believed to have been extinct until a small grove was discovered growing in Central China in during the Second World War.  Seed from a small number of trees was originally collected by the Arnold Arboretum of the US in the late 1940's and seed from these trees was made available to arboretum and botanical gardens world wide forming the original seedbase for trees now in cultivation.
It is a fast growing tree that can reach 40m tall at maturity in its native habitat and in cultivation, trees have reached 25 to 40m in height and approximately 1 to 1.3m in diameter in under 60 years. 
It has a naturally pyramidical form, foliage is two-ranked, flattened needle like leaves 1 to 3.5cm long and are a pale green turning to red in the Autumn.  
This species is particularly admired for its thick, fibrous, orange brown bark and a heavy furrowed trunk with a distinctive form and personality. 
It can make an excellent feature tree and an excellent Bonsai subject and with its fast growth, it has potential as a forestry species.
This is a cold hardy tree from a cool climate that can easily take the coldest climates Australia has to offer but it is not well suited to subtropical or tropical climates. 
It is not fussy as to soil type but does like a well drained soil with ample water.
As a Bonsai subject it is a vigorous outdoor species best suited to upright styles in either single tree or forest plantings.  It benefits from regular feeding in Spring and Summer after the new foliage has appeared, tip prune regularly throughout the year and expect to repot every two years..
20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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