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Melicope elleryana - Pink Euodia / Pink Flowering Doughwood - 25 seeds

Melicope elleryana - Pink Euodia / Pink Flowering Doughwood - 25 seeds


Melicope elleryana is a very ornamental Australian native tree growing to about 6m in cultivation but much larger in its native habitat, occurring naturally in coastal riverine rainforest and on stream banks from northern NSW up the QLD coast, in northern areas of the NT and WA and into New Guinea.


It is fast growing, it has a cylindrical straight bole sometimes becoming buttressed with age and creamy white corky bark.  Highly perfumed rosy pink flower clusters occur on branches in Summer to Autumn with seed ripening in Winter.

It attracts nectar feeders to the flowers and seed eaters to the seeds, it is also a host tree for the Ulysses Butterfly - Papiloo ulysses whose larvae feed on the leaves and the 4 O'clock Moth - Dysphania numana also feeds on the plant.  The leaves have a strong citrus scent when crushed.


This is a great tree for suburban backyards, in parks and as street trees, works well as a screen and can be used as a shade tree..

Best in full sun to part shade, tolerating a wide range of conditions but prefers a position protected from heavy winds.


25 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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