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Melaleuca viridiflora - Broad Leaved Paperbark - 250 seeds

Melaleuca viridiflora - Broad Leaved Paperbark - 250 seeds

Myrtaceae Species - No Shipment to Western Australia or Tasmania
This is an erect or straggly tree 5 - 10m in height with an open canopy fibrous grey to cream papery bark, has broad stiff leaves that are dull green and new growth is hairy, foliage is aromatic when crushed.  The flowers are a lovely greenish cream colour, rarely red or pink, and are dense cylindrical spikes 5 - 10cm long x 4 - 6cm wide.
Oil can be extracted from the young leaves and twigs by steam distillation.
Native to northern tropical Australia and New Guinea and is found growing along streams, in swampy areas and often in dense stands in open woodlands where the land may be seasonally flooded.  
It is adaptable to a wide range of soils and conditions, does well on heavy clays which are waterlogged in the wet season and is cyclone resistant.
Indigenous Australians used the bark for shelter, bedding, containers, storing and cooking food, tinder for lighting fires, make water craft and fish traps.
This is a great adaptable tree that does well in many situations, the flowers are nectar rich flowers are attractive to birds, butterflies, bees and insects, makes a good feature tree, tall screen and can be pruned after flowering to maintain a more compact habit
250 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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