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Melaleuca urceolaris - 150 seeds

Melaleuca urceolaris - 150 seeds

Myrtaceae Species - No Shipment to Western Australia or Tasmania
This Australian native is an upright shrub that can grow from 1 - 3m in height but usually only reaches approximately 1.8m tall, it has low spreading branches with greyish green soft foliage and creamy yellow globular flowers in profusion from Winter to Spring, the flowers fade from yellow to pink or red.
Best grown in full sun in soils with good drainage in Mediterranean, temperate or semi arid climates, it is drought and moderately frost tolerant.
This is a highly ornamental and hardy species that is rare in cultivation but makes a good low windbreak, could be used as a street tree, attracts birds, bees and insects and also can be used for soil erosion.
Indigenous Australians used the fibre and bark for clothing and swaddling babies, drinks made from the nectar and wood and stems were used for implements and to construct shelters.
Found naturally growing in SW WA in dense heath, low shrubland and woodland on sand, sand over laterite, sandy clay and gravel.
150 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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