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Melaleuca styphelioides - Prickly Leaved Paperbark - 250 seeds

Melaleuca styphelioides - Prickly Leaved Paperbark - 250 seeds

Myrtaceae Species - No Shipment to Western Australia or Tasmania
This is a widespread Melaleuca tree species reaching up to 20m tall and is found naturally growing in NSW and QLD on tableland and coastal areas, along stream banks and in low lying areas , there are also isolated populations in Victoria.  
It has papery bark and 15mm long leaves with sharp pointed tips and 2cm long white Bottlebrush type flower spikes in profusion from late Spring to Summer.  The prickly foliage provides habitat and nesting sites for small birds.
Best in full sun in well drained soil and prune after flowering to maintain shape, it is also tolerant of pollution and saline soils.
This is a good choice for larger gardens, parks, street trees, on hills, along watercourses or on coastal footslopes.
250 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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