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Melaleuca pulchella - Claw Flower - 100 seeds

Melaleuca pulchella - Claw Flower - 100 seeds


Myrtaceae - no shipment to Western Australia or Tasmania


Melaleuca pulchella, commonly known as the Claw Flower, is unusual in the range of Melaleuca, this species forms a small rounded shrub growing to about 60cm in height and width.

Foliage is light green, with small leaves to some 4mm in length, flowering occurs throughout the year with a peak in the Spring and early Summer - they have mauve to pink flowers and are are amongst the largest of all the Melaleuca and are not the bottlebrush form common to many Melaleuca, rather they are claw-shaped from the incurving nature of the staminal bundles and borne singly or in small clusters in lateral clusters on old wood or auxiliary clusters.


The leaves are ovate to lanceolate in shape and between 6 and 12mm long.

This is a very popular and floriferous shrub that likes reasonable drainage to part shade in soils, it is frost hardy and makes an ideal rockery plant or small groundcover with reasonable drainage.

Propagation is easy from both seed and cuttings.

Approximately 100 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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