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Melaleuca linariifolia - Snow in Summer - 100 seeds

Melaleuca linariifolia - Snow in Summer - 100 seeds


Myrtaceae - no shipment to Western Australia or Tasmania


A versatile ornamental species and an essential oil source!


Melaleuca linariifolia is usually a hardy tree to about 8m in height and is widely available in general horticulture, used for both home gardens, Bonsai, landscaping and as an oil producing plant in plantations.  

The white flowers occur in prominent, fluffy clusters which cover the plant in late Spring and Summer to almost exclude the foliage from view - it is this flowering habit that has given rise to one of the plant's common names, "Snow in Summer".  The leaves are linear in shape and about 2.5mm long.

Melaleuca linariifolia has proven to be adaptable over a wide range of climates and will tolerate less than perfect drainage, in nature it is often found in areas which suffer periodic flooding but does not thrive or flower well under dry conditions.  Flowering is best in a sunny position.

Propagation is easy from both seed and cuttings.

Generally Melaleuca are frost tolerant and tolerate heat, hot winds, wet feet, salt air and drought. They are extremely hardy and fast growing, have very decorative flowers and bark.

The species responds to annual fertilising after flowering and to an annual light pruning to encourage a bushy shape and under ideal conditions the species is quick growing and makes a good screening plant.

This Melaleuca is the source of the essential oil which is a pale yellowish oil of strong Camphor and Eucalyptus like odour with a warm terpenic backnote.  Somewhat similar to the Tea Tree Oil of Melaleuca alternifolia, the oil of Melaleuca linariifolia is much more Eucalyptus like in odour and flavour and it does not recall the odour of nutmeg.

This listing is for approximately 100 seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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