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Melaleuca lanceolata - Black Paperbark / Moonah - 250 seeds

Melaleuca lanceolata - Black Paperbark / Moonah - 250 seeds

Myrtaceae Species - No shipment to WA or TAS
A lovely long lived but slow growing Australian native tree to 8m tall with a dense canopy of deep green leaves, trunk and stems can become contorted and twisted with age (an attractive trait in Bonsai), the white to cream bottlebrush flowers occur in the Summer months but can flower at other times of the year.  
It is drought tolerant, tolerates winds, low maintenance and creates a native habitat for many species of animals, it can re-sprout after bushfires, prune to maintain a bushy habit or leave it to its own devices, fertilise and water during establishment as well as giving some supplementary water in the warmer months.
A great choice in coastal regions, as a windbreak, in parks and gardens as well as in Bonsai.
250 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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