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Melaleuca fulgens ssp steedmanii - Steedman's Honey Myrtle - 200 Seeds

Melaleuca fulgens ssp steedmanii - Steedman's Honey Myrtle - 200 Seeds


Myrtaceae - No entry to Western Australia or Tasmania


Steedman's Scarlet Honey Myrtle is one of the most beautiful of the Australian flowering shrubs it is a small to medium sized shrub growing to 1.3m, the foliage is a grey green with narrowly elliptical leaves to about 2.5cm and the primary difference from Melaleuca fulgens is that the flowers, which are borne on short shoots, appear earlier - in the Winter and Spring, and flowers longer.   The blooms are a brilliant red cylindrical spike up to 5cm and make a stunning spectacle, particularly in Winter when garden colour is so rare.   

It is also very popular with pollinating birds.

Although native to a dry Summer climate this species has been grown successfully in the wetter Summer conditions of Australia's east coast in well drained, sunny positions.  This species hybridises easily, particularly with Melaleuca radula which is one of the purple flowering Melaleuca and is the parent of a number of very attractive hybrids.

This species grows naturally in loam, sand or gravel over granite but can take most well drained soils and is particularly reliable in well drained sunny positions.

 It has some frost tolerance but should be protected from heavy frost particularly until established and this species is quick growing and is easily propagated from seed.

200 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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