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Melaleuca fulgens ssp corrugata - Wrinkled Honey Myrtle - 100 Seeds

Melaleuca fulgens ssp corrugata - Wrinkled Honey Myrtle - 100 Seeds


Myrtaceae - no shipment to Western Australia or Tasmania


Melaleuca fulgens ssp corrugata, commonly known as the Wrinkled Honey Myrtle is a rare species from the red heart of Australia occurring naturally in the area where the borders of the Northern Territory, Western Australia and South Australia meet and takes its name from the wrinkled skin of the fruits. 


It is a medium-growing shrub to about 1m high with smooth bark and elliptical to lanceolate leaves from 5 to 20mm in length, foliage is strongly aromatic when crushed.  


Flowers are cream with a suggestion of pink on the small petals and are borne in a cylindrical spike  to 3cm in length on short lateral branches with new shoots growing through them occurring in the Spring. 


The fruits are urn shaped and rough, largish, up to 1cm across and appear in pairs on opposite sides of the stem. 


As can be expected this species is drought tolerant, can take high temperatures and can take temperatures down to -7°C given adequate water.  It is best in a well-draining acid soil. 


As with the other members of the Melaleuca fulgens family, this subspecies is a handsome specimen with well displayed flowers.  It is classified for conservation purposes as 3R (limited numbers occurring over large areas, rare but not considered endangered). 


100 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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