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Mandevillea suaveolens - Chilean Jasmine - 10 seeds

Mandevillea suaveolens - Chilean Jasmine - 10 seeds

A tender, woody stemmed, twining evergreen (deciduous in cool climates) climber with ovate to oblong, glossy, dark green to bluish leaves that have a smooth feel.
From Summer to early Autumn, racemes of fragrant, tubular, creamy white flowers with rounded, often crimped petal lobes appear that are approximately 5cm long and open up to about 6.5cm wide.  These are attractive to bees, butterflies and birds.


The flowers are followed by pairs of long bean like fruit pods
Mandevillea suaveolens prefers to be grown in full sun to part shade, reaches 6m tall and is hardy to - 12.2°C. 
Mandevilla suaveolens is native to southern Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and northern Argentina.  
As with most vines and climbers, Chilean Jasmine's foliage is great for masking unsightly walls or other surfaces. If trellised, it can spread up to 5m, and the reflective heat will be beneficial to flowering.  In colder climates, some gardeners prefer to plant it in containers so it can be moved inside for winter. 
As a twining vine, Chilean Jasmine requires additional support in order to grow and unlike Wisteria, Chilean Jasmine will not spread as forcefully or do damage to structures.  If the plant becomes too tangled or messy, thin it or cut it back in late Winter and it will re-sprout in Spring.  Chilean Jasmine's tolerance of and ability to flower under cooler conditions make it a wise choice for temperate garden climates. 
Note - All parts may cause stomach upset if ingested. 
10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 
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