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Lycium chinense - Goji Berry / Chinese Box Thorn - 30 seeds

Lycium chinense - Goji Berry / Chinese Box Thorn - 30 seeds


This is an eastern Asian (East China, Japan, Korea and Thailand) native that grows as an erect or sprawling, many branching shrug growing 50cm - 1m, occasionally up to 2m tall, naturally found in thickets and riverbanks in lowland central and southern Japan on slopes, watelands, saline areas, roadsides and coastal plantings.


It is a deciduous shrub with narrow leaves and purple flowers in late Spring that are pollinated by bees and fruit that follows in Autumn is a small red oblong berry 15mm long x 8mm wide that is edible raw or cooked and has some medicinal uses.

Note that only fully ripe fruit should be eaten


It is considered to be an ingredient for eternal  youth and long life as a traditional Chinese herb.


This is an easily grown plant that makes a great addition to a home garden for the edible berries as well as making a nice garden specimen.

Best in full sun in temperate and subtropical climates but can be grown in the tropics, it is cold hardy to -23 C

Pinch out shoot tips of young plants to encourage bushy growth.


50 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds

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