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Liriope giganteum - Liriope Evergreen Giant / Lilyturf - 25 seeds

Liriope giganteum - Liriope Evergreen Giant / Lilyturf - 25 seeds

A great garden filler when planted en masse that is low maintenance with pretty mauve to violet flowers in Summer!
This evergreen grass like, clumping herbaceous perennial growing 50cm x 50cm wide and has long dark green strappy grass like leaves, and violet to mauve coloured flowers in late Spring to Summer occurring on spikes on greenish purple stems, followed by green berries ripening to a dark purple to black colour.
Great for borders, gap fillers, rockeries, groundcover, on verges, great in coastal areas or garden beds.
Native to China and Japan and is widely used in Australia. These are generally pest and disease free, frost, drought, wind and salt tolerant and are best grown in moist fertile well drained soil in full sun to part shade.
Feed with blood and bone in Spring and cut back spent flowerheads to keep a neat appearance if desired.

This listing is for 25 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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