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Leucophyta brownii - Cushion Bush - 100 seeds

Leucophyta brownii - Cushion Bush - 100 seeds


This Australian native coastal shrub has a compact rounded growth habit growing to 1m tall, it has dense foliage that are silver scale like leaves with stems that are lined with woolly hairs, the flowers are creamy yellow, button like in shape from Spring to Summer.


This is naturally distributed along the south coast of Australia's mainland, along the northern coasts of TAS, King Island and Flinders Island occurring amongst coastal dunes and cliffs.

Tolerates salt spray, wind, drought and frost but doesn't like humidity or wet feet so do not overwater!


Best grown in dry climates in full sun to part shade in well drained, alkaline, sandy soils but can also grow in finer soil and nutrient poor soil.  No extra fertilisation is needed but a slow release native fertiliser can be used during the growing season.


This plant reflects light very strongly and makes a great contrast against darker foliage or to line paths, makes a good low hedge or screen.  

It is very low maintenance, pruning is not usually required but can be shaped if desired.


Seeds germinate readily in approximately 10 - 30 days without the need for any pre-treatment.


100 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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