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Leptospermum scoparium - White Manuka - 200 seeds

Leptospermum scoparium - White Manuka - 200 seeds


Myrtaceae - no shipment to Western Australia or Tasmania


White Manuka is a medium sized dense evergreen shrub growing about 1.8m in height and 1.2m in width and has variable shaped foliage depending on its region of origin.  Flowers are white and up to 0.5cm in diameter and occur in Spring and early Summer. 


With its neat foliage and profusion of flowers it makes a fine feature plant or screen, it is one of the best Leptospermum with great potential for hybridisation. 


Originating from Tasmania, southern Victoria and New Zealand this species is hardy in Australian terms - 7°C, but does not flower well in tropical or subtropical climates.

Leptospermum thrive in a very wide variety of conditions, can be excellent in gusty wind but also thriving in hot dry interior conditions. 

They are an excellent cut flower, easy to grow and make good screen plantings and some species are suitable for hedging.

Will grow in any soil as long as it is well drained and is frost tolerant to -7°C in Australia, plant in full sun.


Approximately 200 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt cleared funds.

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