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Lepironia articulata - Grey Sedge - 50 seeds

Lepironia articulata - Grey Sedge - 50 seeds

This is a highly ornamental rhizomatous macrophyte that is found growing naturally in ephemeral swamps and the margins of fresh water swamps up to 50cm deep, often occurring in acid sulphate soils in full sun to part shade, they are naturally restricted to coastal regions in NSW, QLD and NT but will grow in inland climates if given protection from heavy frosts.


Lepironia has cylindrical blue - green stems that form dense compact clumps from 1.5 - 3m tall and dark brown flowers and seedheads grow at the tops of stems and are very decorative.  It has been recorded that the woody underground stems can be eaten raw or cooked.
This is a great choice for boggy areas, in and around ponds, dams, water features and in pots, also is used as a floristry filler and has potential use as a commercially produced organic drinking straw.

50 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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