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Lechenaultia macrantha - Wreath Lechenaultia - 30 seeds

Lechenaultia macrantha - Wreath Lechenaultia - 30 seeds

This south WA native grows as a procumbent perennial, herbaceous perennial or shrub that is usually 15cm or less in height x 1m in diameter and twiggy branches with linear narrow leaves to 4cm long.
Deep pink to red flowers with yellow or white in the centre are 5 petalled 3 - 5cm in diameter occur around the circumference of the plant in late Winter to Spring.
This WA native prefers dry climates with dry Summers growing naturally in woodland and shrubland on sand or gravel in areas NE of Perth to Shark Bay, WA.
This is not well known in cultivation and hard to maintain for more that two seasons but the flower show is worth the effort!
It is difficult to germinate by seed but not impossible!
Apply an organic fertiliser in Spring and Autumn every two weeks to maintain strong and healthy growth.
A gorgeous plant with stunning flowers, worth giving it a go if you like a challenge!
30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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