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Lechenaultia biloba - Mirror of Heaven - 30 seeds

Lechenaultia biloba - Mirror of Heaven - 30 seeds


Lechenaultia biloba, commonly known as Mirror of Heaven for its stunning colour, is one of the truly great Australian wild flowers.

A small normally spreading shrub with bluish green foliage about 1cm long and clustering slender arching branches and produces massed flowers from mid Winter to late Spring.  The flowers are about 2cm across and a magnificent hue of blue that rivals the bluest of skies, there is often some variation with the flowers being lighter or darker or with a pure white centre blaze. 


The plants grow to about 50 - 75cm tall and about the same width, they prefer temperate climates and should be planted in full sun to lightly broken sunlight.  They are moderately frost tolerant and drought hardy and are ideal for a tub or indoor plant giving a magnificent showing.

Leschenaultia biloba requires excellent drainage and is not a long lived species maybe three or four seasons, but once established are easily propagated from cuttings.

30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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