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Lambertia formosa - Mountain Devil - 5 seeds

Lambertia formosa - Mountain Devil - 5 seeds


Lambertia formosa is a species from the coast and foothills of New South Wales and is a spreading open shrub that inhabits open forests and heaths. 


The flowers are tubular in shape and are a rich red colour, with a long style protruding from each flower and are rich in nectar and attract honey eating birds and occurs in late Winter offering that touch of colour to tell you Spring is coming and continue throughout most of the year. 


The seed capsules, which appear after flowering, are about 7.5cm long and have a most extraordinary shape - a woody object with a short beak and a long horn on each valve giving you the Mountain Devil. 

Propagation is easy from seed, it is frost hardy, rugged and accepting of most soils.

5 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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