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Lagunaria patersonii - Norfolk Island Hibiscus - 30 Seeds

Lagunaria patersonii - Norfolk Island Hibiscus - 30 Seeds


The Norfolk Island Hibiscus is a small to medium pyramidal tree growing in the wild to 13m tall.  The leaves are grey-green and elliptical growing to 10cm and make a pleasing feature offsetting the pink open flowers that occur in the Spring and early Summer and the blooms are well displayed, up to 6cm in diameter and are profuse. 


This is not a Hibiscus requiring a tropical climate, its native range being Queensland, Lord Howe Island off the mid New South Wales coast and Norfolk Island and has been cultivated in the colder frosty atmosphere of Canberra in the National Botanic Gardens and is used as a street tree in the seaside suburbs of Melbourne.  One advantage of this tree is its strong resistance to salt spray which makes it suitable for coastal sites and prefers a moist well-drained site in full sun and is easily propagated from seed without the need of any pre-treatment. 

Notwithstanding this siting/soil preference, this tree exhibits a high level of drought resistance and can happily grow and thrive in arid areas with rainfall as low as 250mm or 25cm without losing any of its attractive features.

30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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