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Kunzea pomifera - Muntries / Emu Apple - 25 seeds

Kunzea pomifera - Muntries / Emu Apple - 25 seeds

Kunzea pomifera commonly known as Muntries is a prostrate shrub occurring naturally in south eastern South Australia and far western Victoria and is a medium to fast growing shrub that grows on coastal dunes and well drained soils.
In the wild shrubs reach some 30cm in height with a spread of 1 to 2m, although occasionally they can be found with a more upright form.  Foliage is mid green and cylindrical and flowers are white and fluffy and are followed by small green berries to about 1cm that ripen to a reddish purple.  Muntries berries have a sweet spicy apple flavour and are a popular bushfood that is now being grown commercially.  The berries can be used fresh in desserts and fruit salads or cooked in pies, chutneys, jams and sweet or savoury sauces.
Muntries likes a lighter well drained soil of moderately acid to strongly alkaline pH and is frost and drought tolerant.  
It can be grown over a trellis (it is cultivated commercially this way) or fence or used in a hanging basket.
25 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 
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