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Kunzea ambigua - Electric White Kunzea - 100 seeds

Kunzea ambigua - Electric White Kunzea - 100 seeds


White Kunzea is an erect shrub usually growing to 3m x 3m across, has attractive dark green to grey green linear to lanceolate foliage which is wonderfully scented when crushed and in the Spring and early Summer it is covered with brilliant electric white flowers up to 2cm borne on the leaf axils and short lateral branches.

One of the most beautiful of the Kunzea this shrub is at home on almost any soil and is resistant to frosts.  It is easily grown from seed which does not require pre-treatment, it's versatile in its climate requirements, originating in the higher cooler country in north eastern Victoria and southern New South Wales. 


It is very drought and frost hardy and is also hardy in coastal salt spray and windy sites.

100 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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