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Kennedia macrophylla - Cape Leeuwin Creeper - 20 seeds

Kennedia macrophylla - Cape Leeuwin Creeper - 20 seeds


Kennedia macrophylla, commonly known as the Cape Leeuwin Creeper, is a woody stemmed climber from the Cape Leeuwin area of south west Western Australia and is restricted to a limited area naturally and is classified as rare in the wild, although it is quite common as a cultivated plant.

Leaves are large, up to 15cm in length and 5 to 7cm in width, they are leathery and trifoliate in a light to medium green.  The 2cm pea flowers are normally red, sometimes plashed with yellow and appear in late Spring and Summer. 

This is a vigorous prostrate Kennedia forming a spreading plant up to 3m in width and approximately 60cm in height that suits rockeries, retaining walls and embankments and can be useful in binding soil.


It is leguminous and nitrogen fixing.

Kennedia macrophylla is moderately frost tolerant to about -4°C and requires a well drained sandy soil in full sun and can take coastal exposure.

20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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