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Kennedia carinata - Clover Carpet - 20 Seeds

Kennedia carinata - Clover Carpet - 20 Seeds


Kennedia carinata is commonly known as the Clover Carpet because of its clover like bright green leaves comes from the south west of Western Australia where it is commonly found in sandy and gravelly soils and swampy river flats. 


This is one of the prettiest of the Kennedia with pea flowers in light pink to deep rose on slender stems that are closely lined with clover like bright green leaves.  It can be treated as a vine or, if unsupported, as a groundcover forming mats up to 15cm across.

It will take a range of soils from well drained to damp in full sun to dappled shade and is not frost hardy (generally accepted as - 7°C) but will take temperatures to about - 4°C.

20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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