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Juncus usitatus - Common Rush - 100 seeds

Juncus usitatus - Common Rush - 100 seeds


Juncus usitatus is an attractive upright sedge that grows to 1m tall x 50cm wide with a tussock habit and cylindrical green foliage with bronze to copper tones in Winter and flowers in the Spring to Summer with yellow to brown tassel flower heads near the tops of stems. 


It is naturally found growing along fresh water creeks, dams, seepages and is used as a stabiliser for estuary banks and riparian zones in parks and reserves or joining urban, recreational and industrial sites.  Can also be used in biofiltration systems and raingardens.


Grows best in full sun to part shade in wet sandy loam to wet/dry clay loam, can also tolerate dry frost tolerant and grow in a protected coastal aspect.

Cut down to ground level every 2 - 3 years to rejuvenate foliage and maintain vigour, be sure to fertilise with a slow release fertiliser after pruning.


Indigenous Australian People used the stem and leaves for fibre to make string, fishing line, woven rugs and baskets. 


100 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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