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Jacksonia scoparia - Dogwood / Native Broom - 30 Seeds

Jacksonia scoparia - Dogwood / Native Broom - 30 Seeds


Jacksonia scoparia, commonly known as Native Broom or Dogwood, is a shrub, sometimes grows as a small tree to 3m by 1.5m with leafless, pendulous grey-green branches and a lovely weeping habit.  For much of the year it is an attractive foliage plant with gently arching grey green foliage (its distinctive feature is flat, angular or winged branchlets which are entirely leafless except in young growth) but it in the Spring and Summer it comes alive with masses of yellow pea shaped flowers to 5mm.

A long lived plant that likes well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade in and lighter soils, it can tolerate heavy frost and is drought hardy and gives good protection to small birds and makes an attractive feature or screen.  This has been cultivated for many years it has proven to be a hardy and adaptable species.  Foliage makes a useful drought fodder and growth is helped by a twice yearly dressing of blood and bone or a general fertiliser.

Although commonly occurring naturally in coastal areas of southern Queensland and northern NSW it has been grown successfully in much cooler frostier climates, it is a hardy and long-lived species in Canberra and north eastern Victoria where it has survived and has survived severe droughts, storms and frost.

As with the pea family generally seed requires soaking in hot water before sowing, and each plant must be grown in a separate pot to facilitate transplanting without root damage.  The slender young plants may need protection from breakage by staking.

This listing is for 30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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