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Isopogon divergens - Spreading Coneflower - 20 seeds

Isopogon divergens - Spreading Coneflower - 20 seeds


This is a lovely flowering shrub that is native to SW WA growing 0.3 - 2m tall with a spreading habit, the foliage is much divided into narrow linear segments to 10cm long, the flowers are pink to purple to red, 5cm wide and occur at the ends of branches in Winter to Spring, these are then followed by barrel shaped fruit that persist on the plant for an indefinite period.


This species is not suited to humid climates and grows best in areas with dry Summers in well drained soils in full sun .  

It is moderately frost tolerant and will tolerate some shade.


Grows naturally on gravelly or granitic soils in shrubland and heath.


Makes a gorgeous garden feature!


20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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