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Hymenosporum flavum - Native Frangipani - 20 seeds

Hymenosporum flavum - Native Frangipani - 20 seeds


Native Frangipani is one of the most popular Australian plants in cultivation and usually grows as a small tree to about 8m tall but may be taller in tropical areas. 

It has a narrow, upright habit of growth with dark green, lance shaped leaves about 100mm long by 40mm wide and the fragrant, strikingly showy cream to deep orange to yellow flowers occur profusely in Spring and early Summer, these flowers age to yellow and are followed by rounded, pear shaped capsules containing many winged seeds. 

It is fragrant, nectar producing and very popular with nectar seeking birds. 


Hymenosporum flavum is justly popular in cultivation as it is a hardy plant, even growing satisfactorily in dry climates if supplementary water is available.  Originally this is a rainforest species but grows in most reasonably well drained soils or damp heavy loam or clay soils although those with a high organic content are preferred. 


Because of its generally narrow habit of growth, the plant can be recommended for small gardens, plants flower best in an open, sunny position but can be grown successfully in shady areas.  Established plants will tolerate at least moderate frost, certainly down to 5°C and will tolerate smog, in all making it an ideal choice for an attractive feature in a small inner city garden or courtyard. 


Propagation is easily carried out from seed but cuttings are also successful. 


20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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