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Hibiscus mutabilis - Confederate Rose / Dixie Mallow - 20 Seeds

Hibiscus mutabilis - Confederate Rose / Dixie Mallow - 20 Seeds

Hibiscus mutabilis, commonly known as Dixie Mallow or Confederate Rose is a large shrub or small multi-stemmed tree that grows to 5m in height and with a spread of 3m and found naturally in southern China it has naturalised across the world in areas with mild Winters.  It is a very popular small ornamental in the American south.
The large leaves are 13 - 18cm, bright green, hairy on the undersides and deeply lobed and they impart a coarse texture that gives the plant a distinctive eye-catching appeal.
Flowers are from 8 - 13cm across, this plant has been developed as a garden plant and hybrid forms are available with single or double flowers, but expect only single flowers from species seed.  Flowers are in bloom in late Summer and Autumn and open pure white and change colour over a three-day period until they are deep pink and then as they die assume a dark "blue-pink" hue.  
After flowering a round, hairy capsule forms which dries and releases fuzzy seeds and the most notable characteristic of this flowering shrub is that flowers of three distinct colours appear on the bush simultaneously as the blooms colour cycle independent of one another.
This shrub truly takes care of itself and little to no care is required and can be sited in full sun or dappled shade and can take a range of soils.  It is a drought hardy plant but is at its best with regular watering.
20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 
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