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Hakea victoriae - Royal Hakea - 10 seeds

Hakea victoriae - Royal Hakea - 10 seeds

Hakea Victoria, or the Royal Hakea, is a very erect sparsely branched shrub to approximately 3m in height to 1.5m in width and features rounded leathery toothed leaves to 12cm in diameter that are prickly and concave.  The truly spectacular feature of this species are the leaves which become brilliantly variegated in colours ranging from cream to red to green. 
The flowers are creamy white and borne in small insignificant clusters cupped in the leaves.

Easily propagated from seed, this species requires a well drained soil in (mandatory) full sun.  This species is not recommended for humid climates as, although it will grow happily, humidity does not allow the foliage to attain its full and delightful range of variegation.

10 premium quality and very hard to get seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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