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Hakea multilineata -  Grass Leaf Hakea - 20 seeds

Hakea multilineata - Grass Leaf Hakea - 20 seeds


Hakea multilineata, the Grass Leaf Hakea, is a large shrub or small tree to approximately 5m in height and has linear leaves up to 20 cm long x 1.5 cm wide and has similar cultivation requirements to Hakea francisiana and Hakea bucculenta.


It is one of the most visually appealing Hakeas with its large bright pink to red poker like flowers, although these are really several large flower clusters along the stem that grow into each other and appear as a single flower spike on Winter to Spring. 

The combined axillary flowers often form flower spikes in excess of 30cm in length and are very popular with honeyeating birds.  The shrub if is surrounded by tall plants can reach 6m or more in height, but those growing in an open situation are shorter and bushier. 


The leaves are long and slender and have no sharp points, although they are held rigidly above the horizontal, and due to their longitudinal veins the plant has inherited the species name of multilineata. 


This species has been in cultivation for many years but is mainly suited to areas of low Summer humidity.  In humid areas it can grow successfully for some years but may collapse overnight so grafting is recommended for these areas.  The species is tolerant of at least moderate frost and grows and flowers best in an open, very well drained, sunny position but it will tolerate some shade. 

20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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