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Hakea laurina - Pincushion Hakea - 10 seeds

Hakea laurina - Pincushion Hakea - 10 seeds


Hakea laurina or Pincushion Hakea is a quick growing dense small evergreen tree to 5m with long leaves that, when new, look as if they have been dusted with gold. 


It is a delight in bloom with rounded pincushion flowers which commence as cream or white and later turn pink, then red with creamy styles protruding from them.  It makes a long lasting and effective cut flower, they make a very attractive showing in Autumn and Winter, they produce copious quantities of nectar and attract honey eating birds and bees. 


This is a very decorative shrub for ornamental planting.

Pincushion Hakea prefers cooler temperate to semi tropical climates with preferably lower humidity, is frost tolerant to - 7°C and smog tolerant and generally they are easy to grow in any good, well drained soil.  Once established they are drought resistant, plant in a sunny semi-shaded position in Autumn or Spring. 

10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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