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Hakea cucullata - Scallops Hakea - 10 Seeds

Hakea cucullata - Scallops Hakea - 10 Seeds


Hakea cucullata, commonly known as the Scallops or Cup Hakea is an unusual species from the Stirling Range area of Western Australia.

An erect shrub to approximately 4ms in height, it is a species that produces few branches, the foliage on the upper, flowering part of the plant is cup-like, more less circular with wavy margins cupping the floral racemes. Lower leaves are basically flat, the leaf texture is stiff and leathery and markedly veined and young new growth is a soft hairy bronze.

Flowers are pink to reddish pink, although white flowers do occur, the flowers grow in racemes in the axils of the cup-like leaves and are profuse and very ornamental.  Flowers occur from late Autumn to Spring and flowering duration is from three to five weeks and the fruits that follow are woody pods 3cm long and 1.5cm in width.

This species is popular in cultivation because of its unusual foliage and attractive flowers and has proved adaptable to a wide range of well-drained soils but does require a rainfall of at least 450mm plus or alternatively complementary watering.  Pruning of this species is necessary to keep it compact and the foliage fresh.

10 premium quality hard to get seed shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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