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Hakea cinerea - Ashy Hakea - 15 Seeds

Hakea cinerea - Ashy Hakea - 15 Seeds


Hakea cinerea, commonly known as the Ashy or Grey Hakea (cinereus for ash grey) for its unusual grey foliage, is a sturdy upright shrub to some 2.5 metres in height.  It has ascending branches with a smooth grey bark.  Foliage is oblanceolate (blunt spear-shaped, narrower towards the stem) rusty brown in the new growth maturing to an unusual and attractive blue-grey with a yellow base.  The fruit is long and narrow with a long tapering beak.

Flowers are creamy white and yellow turning orange with age and occur profusely in clusters in the leaf axils on outer branchlets and are held prominently in a showy display from late Winter to Spring.

This is a Western Australian species occurring naturally in the south along the Great Australian bight from Ravensthorpe to Esperance in heath or low scrubland on deep sand.  This species requires well drained soil and a sunny aspect, it is drought tolerant and frost tolerant.  This is not for locations with high humidity.

With its attractive flowers and unusual foliage it is an ornamental species that provides good wildlife habitat and is an effective windbreak.

Propagation from seed is straightforward and germination in 4 to 6 weeks.

15 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.  

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