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Guichenotia macrantha - Pink Flowering Guichenotia - 30 Seeds

Guichenotia macrantha - Pink Flowering Guichenotia - 30 Seeds


The large flowered Guichenotia is from a small genus of five soft foliaged small shrubs native to Western Australia noted for their large and colourful calyxes and includes a number of very attractive species eminently suited to garden culture but which have been much neglected.  This is a loosely branched, attractive, grey leaved shrub growing to 1 - 2m in height and 1m in width it has long narrow leaves up to 8cm long clothed with dense woolly grey tomentum on both the upper and lower surfaces giving a felted appearance. 


The flowers appear from Winter to Spring in Australia and are attractive lavender pink five lobed calyxes with dark red shining anthers, the flowers appear in racemes of 2 or 3 blooms. These are readily propagated from seed without the need of pre-treatment, it adapts well to garden cultivation if given a well drained, neglected site in full sun or semi shade. 


Easily managed it responds to light pruning after flowering, it is a hardy plant that has as its native range the hot dry inland areas of Western Australia around the Irwin, Austin and Coolgardie areas.  It happily withstands long cold arid nights and is probably hardy to -7C.

30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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