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Grevillea wilsonii - Wilson's Grevillea - 10 Seeds

Grevillea wilsonii - Wilson's Grevillea - 10 Seeds


Grevillea wilsonii, commonly known as Wilsons Grevillea is a small rounded shrub growing to about 1m in height and 1.5m in width with prickly, divided, terete leaves and very showy, erect clusters of red flowers in the Spring.


Wrigley & Fagg classified it as one of the most beautiful of the Grevillea. 

It has grown very well in the Canberra National Botanic Gardens but it can be unreliable in the more humid conditions of the east coast.  This is a Western Australian species that requires excellent drainage or grafting to thrive in these conditions.


As with other Grevilleas this is a good bird attracting species and with its prickly foliage can be a valuable habitat for small nesting birds.  It is frost hardy to - 7 °C that performs best in morning sun or light dappled shade and it is a useful Eucalyptus understorey plant in these conditions. 


10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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