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Grevillea wickhamii - Wickham's Grevillea - 10  Seeds

Grevillea wickhamii - Wickham's Grevillea - 10 Seeds


Grevillea wickhamii, commonly known as Wickham's Grevillea, is an erect shrub or small tree to 6m in height which is found naturally in Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland where it occurs on open hillsides or ridges, on open spinifex plain and near creek lines, in stony soil, gravelly soil, sand, loam or clay. 


This showy Grevillea is ideal for the tropical and subtropical gardens, although it flowers as far south as Sydney.  It has attractive blue-grey foliage and bright red-orange, pendulous flowers which are loved by Honeyeaters.  Flowers from Autumn to Spring and intermittently throughout the year.


It requires a full sun position in the garden, with very good drainage and good air circulation.


Propagation may be carried out from seed and germination is improved if the seed is carefully "nicked" with a sharp knife to expose the embryo.  Good results have been achieved generally using smoke products such as Regen2000.  

10 premium quality seed shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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