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Grevillea robusta - Gold Flowering Silky Oak - 20 seeds

Grevillea robusta - Gold Flowering Silky Oak - 20 seeds


The Silky Oak or Grevillea robusta is one of the large family of Australian Grevilleas growing as a tall straight tree growing to some 27m in the wild, but usually less to about 10m in cultivation.  The Silky Oak is a pyramidical tree with fern-like pinnate leaves golden to deep green above and silvery below and producing a profuse display of the highly distinctive and attractive golden to orange toothbrush type flowers up to 15cm long in the Spring. 


This species is an excellent specimen tree for large gardens or parks, it makes a fine indoor plant while young. 

This species is fast growing but can be brittle and damaged in high wind and may need staking and pruning to shape while young, this species is widely used as stock plant for grafting the more difficult species and for production of weeping standards. 

This is a subtropical to warm temperate tree occurring in the wild in Queensland and New South Wales.  Once established it is hardy to about -7°C ,but only to about 0°C while maturing. 

It can take a range of soils - in fast-draining soils it requires water, but in poor compact soils it can exist quite happily if not over-watered.  This species is propagated from seed and full propagation details are provided on our website.

20 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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