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Grevillea pteridifolia - Golden Grevillea - 10 seeds

Grevillea pteridifolia - Golden Grevillea - 10 seeds


A delightful shrub Grevillea, sometimes a small tree, to about 5m in height and width and has fine divided leaves to some 20cm.  Blooms are golden toothbrush type spikes not unlike Grevillea robusta in appearance, this is a long flowering species with blooms appearing from late Winter to Spring and produces copious nectar and is very popular with nectar seeking birds.

Occurring naturally on a widespread basis in Queensland there is also a form found in the Northern Territory where it tends to grow into a small tree to perhaps 10m.  It has been popular as a tropical and subtropical alternative for Grevillea robusta because its smaller size makes it a more viable option in a home garden or equivalent, sadly it has little frost tolerance and is only suited to frost free areas of Australia from around Brisbane and the west coast north. 


It takes a range of soils and as it reportedly grows in inland areas such as Barcaldine it is has some drought tolerance.

10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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