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Grevillea preissii - Spider Net Grevillea - 5 seeds

Grevillea preissii - Spider Net Grevillea - 5 seeds


Grevillea preissii, commonly known as the Spider Net Grevillea, is a small shrub to about 1m tall, although completely prostrate forms occur.  Leaves are greyish green to green up to 60mm long by 40mm wide and pinnate in form (divided into narrow lobes). They may be hairy or glabrous, the bright red flowers occur in pendent clusters at the ends of the branches or in the leaf axils in Winter and Spring.


While probably best suited to areas with a dry Summer climate, it has proven to be adaptable to more humid areas of the east coast (eg coastal areas of New South Wales and south-east Queensland).  It should be grown in a warm, sunny or semi shaded location in well drained soils, like most Grevilleas, the flowers attract nectar feeding birds.


The species can be grown from seed which should be nicked with a sharp knife prior to sowing to improve germination. 


5 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds. 

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