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Grevillea nudiflora - Groundcover Grevillea - 10 seeds

Grevillea nudiflora - Groundcover Grevillea - 10 seeds


Grevillea nudiflora is a prostrate to low shrub that occurs naturally in southern Western Australia from Cape Arid to near Albany in a range of habitats from open woodland to heath in a variety of soils.  There are a number of forms with different leaf shapes, this form grows as a ground cover to low growing mounded plant and in the Spring has small bright red and yellow flowers which grow on long, leafless stems around the circumference of the plant.


It is an adaptable, hardy plant which, once established, can tolerate extended dry periods and frosts and prefers a full sun to dappled shade position in well drained soil.  It looks beautiful cascading over a retaining wall and also works well in rockeries or large hanging baskets. 


Propagation may be carried out from seed and germination is improved if the seed is carefully nicked with a sharp knife to expose the embryo and good results have been achieved generally using smoke products such as Regen2000. 

10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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