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Grevillea bipinnatifida - Fuchsia Grevillea / Grape Grevillea - 5 seeds

Grevillea bipinnatifida - Fuchsia Grevillea / Grape Grevillea - 5 seeds


The Fuchsia or Grape Grevillea, Grevillea bipinnatifida, is a low groundcover Grevillea with blue-green prickly fern like foliage and large red flowers most of the year and is a very showy plant from Perth area in Western Australia. 


It grows as a sprawling sometimes upright plant to 1m by 1.5m wide, foliage is attractive, bipinnate and prickly to 20cm and the blooms, appearing in late Winter or Spring, are large, pendulous up to 16cm long and 3 to 5cm wide. The vigorous growth habit of forming a dense trailing mat makes a great ground covering shrub.  This is an excellent species for containers, embankments and hanging over a wall.


This Western Australian species requires good drainage in light to medium well-drained soil in an open sunny position, it is drought and frost resistant, it is a hardy long flowering species that has been used as a parent for many popular hybrids.  It is also a very useful rockery feature.


5 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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