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Gmelina leichhardtii - White Beech - 5 seed pods (approx. 20 seeds)

Gmelina leichhardtii - White Beech - 5 seed pods (approx. 20 seeds)


This is a slow growing tree reaching up to 30m tall in its native habitat of subtropical, riverine and littoral rainforest from the Illawarra in NSW north to Cooktown in NE QLD and is found growing on a wide range of sites from near creek banks to the side of mountains at elevations from near sea level to 500m.


It has greyish bark and scaly on the trunk that is cylindrical or flanged and a spreading crown with mid to dark green leathery foliage, ovate to elliptic, 8 - 20cm long x 5 - 10cm wide.  The upper surface is glabrous and the lower surface is a brownish green, tomentose and the veins are prominently raised.


The flower inflorescences grow in pyramidical showy panicles 10 - 25cm long with flowers that are semi tubular, creamy white with yellow and purple markings in late Spring to Summer.

The fruit that follows starts off light green and is a succulent globose drupe, 10 - 20mm in diameter and turns bluish purple when ripe.  It contains a single stone that is hard and contains 4 cells with 4 oval seeds in each quadrant to 10mm long that ripen in late Summer to Autumn.


The timber is resistant to termites and used in house and ship building, cabinet work, wood carving and turning.


Prefers a sunny position but tolerates some shade in moderately fertile well drained soil.


Propagation can be slow and erratic, 12 - 24 months, even up to 4 years but well worth the wait.  It is best for the fresh seed capsules to dry in the sun where they form hairline cracks that form around a trapdoor in the capsule and then the whole capsule can be sown.

Best in seed raising mix that is enriched with washed river sand, be sure to keep it moist and don't allow to dry out.


This listing is for 5 seed capsules (approx. 20 seeds) shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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