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Gahnia sieberiana - Red Fruited Saw Sedge - 50 seeds

Gahnia sieberiana - Red Fruited Saw Sedge - 50 seeds

An attractive tussock forming Sedge!
Gahnia sieberiana is a large sedge growing to 3m tall with arching stems with rough margins (that can cut, so be careful!) and is found naturally growing in all states except for NT in damp areas or in areas subject to periodic inundation, also on tidal flats, coastal cliffs, coastal footslopes and as a 2nd line coastal planting - this is one of the most commonly seen of the Gahnias.
The flowering stems can reach 3m tall in the Spring and Summer, flowers are black at the tops of the stems in clusters and seeds that follow are a shiny red which provide a great contrast.
Most Gahnia can be difficult to propagate by seed but this species is a little easier, the application of heat and smoke water and incubation under Summer temperature conditions increases success, if used along with the bog method, germination results can be better but can take up to 12 - 24 months for all seeds sowed to germinate.
This listing is for 50 seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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