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Fraxinus ornus - Manna Ash / South European Flowering Ash - 30 seeds

Fraxinus ornus - Manna Ash / South European Flowering Ash - 30 seeds

A lovely Autumn foliage tree that can be used as a Bonsai specimen!
This deciduous and dioecious tree has a slow to moderate growth rate, reaching 15 - 25m tall in its native habitat of southern Europe and SW Asia but usually only to about 9m in cultivation. It has a dense rounded habit with smooth, dark grey bark and a fluted trunk, the dark green pinnate leaves turn yellow, orange and purplish in Autumn, with 5 - 9 leaflets that have a dull surface and can be a little hairy underneath.
Showy, aromatic white but individually insignificant flowers occur in large panicles at the ends of branches occur in Spring, these are followed by samaras.
Best grown in full sun in deep, moist, fertile soils with added humus, mulch well to maintain soil moisture and feed in Spring and Summer with a balanced slow release fertiliser. Train to a single leader to give a good growth habit when young.
It is adaptable to a wide range of soils and conditions, including windy sites and coastal conditions.
Makes a great avenue planting, great in parks and large gardens as well as trained into a Bonsai specimen!
This listing is for 30 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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