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Flindersia xanthoxyla - Yellowwood / Long Jack / Yellowwood Ash - 10 seeds

Flindersia xanthoxyla - Yellowwood / Long Jack / Yellowwood Ash - 10 seeds

Awesome seed pods!
This is an adaptable Australian native that is endemic to eastern Australia occurring in subtropical and dry rainforest, from the Richmond River in NE NSW to Gympie in SE QLD, growing 40 - 45m in its native habitat but usually only 10 - 15m in cultivation. The trunk is cylindrical and straight with grey to brownish grey bark, vertical fissures that are shed in small flakes and a diameter up to 90cm.
Leaves are pinnate, 110 - 320mm long and are arranged in opposite pairs with 7 - 11 egg shaped to elliptical leaflets, the leaflets bright green above and greyish white and downy below and are 40 - 130mm long x 10 - 32mm wide. Branchlets are hairy toward the ends.
Yellow to creamy yellow flowers occur in panicles, 170 - 250mm long, growing in leaf axils or at the ends of branchlets in Spring to Summer, individual flowers are 4 - 4.5mm long, these are followed by the olive green to dark green fruit that is a woody capsule, 65 - 110mm long, studded with blunt spikes that are 4mm long, opening at maturity into 5 segments, releasing light brown to tan winged seeds, 33 - 50mm long in Winter to Spring.
This is an ornamental tree with lovely form, makes a great shade tree, feature tree in parks and large gardens and timber is yellow, elastic and durable.
This listing is for 10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.
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