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Flindersia brayleyana - Queensland Maple / Silkwood - 10 seeds

Flindersia brayleyana - Queensland Maple / Silkwood - 10 seeds


Flindersia brayleyana, commonly known as the Queensland Maple or Silkwood is a large tree with a spreading crown that occurs naturally in highland rainforests of north-eastern Queensland from the Atherton Tableland to near Townsville. 

In the wild Queensland Maple grows to some 25m with a spread of 15m although in cultivation it is smaller, growing to perhaps 8 to 12m with a spread of 6m.  It is a handsome columnar tree with a spreading crown of attractive, glossy, dark green leathery foliage, large clusters of sweetly scented, small white flowers appear in early Summer followed by interesting woody seed pods.

It is a very important timber tree with attractive, easy to work pink wood which is extensively used for cabinets and indoor fittings.  The species is planted commercially in the reafforestation of logged areas. 

It is an excellent shade tree for parks, large gardens and acreage plantings and attractive tub specimen when young.  Young trees are fairly fast growing and in open situations develop a rounded, dense, dark green canopy and is a good street tree with non-invasive roots.

They prefer loamy soils with plenty of moisture but will grow on other soils and perform well in subtropical regions but can adapt well to cooler climates and are tolerant of moderate frosts.

10 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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