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Ficus watkinsiana - Green Leaved Moreton Bay Fig / Strangler Fig - 100 seeds

Ficus watkinsiana - Green Leaved Moreton Bay Fig / Strangler Fig - 100 seeds


This in an Australian native hemiepiphytic fig growing naturally in rainforest and forest in NE QLD, CE QLD, SE QLD and NE NSW.

It forms a tree growing 30m or more tall with a similar spread and has a buttressed trunk with age.  


It has large elliptic to oval shaped leaves that are 10 - 20cm long and exude a milky sap and dark purple to black rounded to oval fruit with paler spots and a "nipple" at one end, approx 4cm long and edible from Spring to Summer, sometimes to Autumn.  Birds and Bat's really love to eat the fruit!


This is also one of a number of figs that are known as 'Strangler Figs" - seeds of these germinate high on the branches of other rainforest trees and send down aerial roots, when they reach the ground they take root, thicken and gradually cover the tree in roots which basically suffocates the tree, so it dies and rots away and eventually a fig tree with a hollow trunk is formed.


This can also be grown as a free standing tree but is only suitable for parks and large gardens due to the size and root system, it can also be grown as an indoor potted specimen.

Great as a shade tree, Bonsai specimen or as a feature, attracts insects, birds and bats.


It is suitable in a wide range of soils and conditions and best grown in full sun tropical, subtropical and temperate climates with adequate moisture.


100 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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