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Ficus rubiginosa - Port Jackson Fig - 100 seeds

Ficus rubiginosa - Port Jackson Fig - 100 seeds


This is a long lived Australian native fig tree that can live for more than 100 years old and makes a fabulous Bonsai specimen.


Its native form is as a wide spreading tree with a rounded canopy that grows much wider than tall with long aerial roots that hang from the branches.  The trunk and limbs bark is smooth and grey, buttresses form at the base of the trunk with age.


The foliage is leathery, bright shiny green above and velvet rusty underneath, elliptic in shape 7 - 10cm long x 6cm wide, may be semi-deciduous in Winter in cooler climates but usually retains its leaves in subtropical and tropical regions.


1cm wide yellow figs ripen to a reddish purple colour at the end of Summer, these fruits are eaten by birds and flying foxes.


Best grown in full sun to part shade in rich fertile soil and needs adequate water supplied especially in the Summer months.  Feed twice a year with blood and bone or any other slow release fertiliser.


Can be grown in pots, as a Bonsai, great for large gardens and parks.  It can develop an invasive root system so best not planted near any structures.


50 premium quality seeds shipped on receipt of cleared funds.

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